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KANSEL prepares students for the GED exam. We provide instruction in reading, writing, and math plus social studies and science to help students improve academic skills and fully prepare to pass the GED exam. When a student successfully passes the GED exam he/she is awarded a Kansas High School diploma.

Classroom instruction, on-line learning  and tutoring is offered during the morning and evening. With open enrollment, you can start anytime. Students must be aged 16 or older. GED prep classes are offered in English (day or evening) and Spanish, (evening only).

Steps to Success… Let’s Start

Step 1: Call KANSEL at 316-260-5059 to make an admissions appointment.

Step 2: Complete the admissions paper work, meet with the admissions counselor, schedule an appointment to take the GED Entry Assessment and pay the annual tuition fee.

Step 3: Take the GED Entry Assessment to determine what material you need to study.

Step 4: Attend class and prepare to take GED exams.  Students are assessed monthly to determine academic gain and readiness to take the GED exams.

Step 5: Take GED Exams.


KANSEL holds graduation ceremonies throughout the year to celebrate our graduates. Make plans to attend!

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