The Kansas School for Effective Learning (KANSEL) is an incredibly unique private non-profit school that aggressively and pragmatically identifies and pursues solutions to the foundational educational needs of our community. 

Founded in 1989, KANSEL has helped to provide our community with a skilled and educated workforce. KANSEL elevates students and their families from dependency to independence through an individualized education. 

A majority of our Students come to KANSEL with very low levels of literacy and considered to be “High Risk” for human trafficking, drugs, long term poverty, homelessness and incarceration.

In recent years, KANSEL has expanded programming from GED Preparation, English for Speakers of Other Languages, and workforce skills training for adults only, to offering programs for a variety of ages.  Including middle school summer camps, family activities, and new on-site outreach programs, becoming more proactive in the fight of lowering literacy scores in our community.

Moving into the future, KANSEL looks to position itself in strategic alignment with other organizations whose missions are to improve the literacy and educational abilities of our community. To be a leader in creating and developing a new ‘Education Economy’ in the state of Kansas!


  • KANSEL was founded by leaders and members of the District 70 International Machinist Union in Wichita, Kansas. Recognizing the need for math and reading skills and GED attainment allowing members to be promoted.
  • In 1989, KANSEL started with one teacher and six students in the basement of the District 70 Union Hall. Since then, KANSEL has served more than 16,000 families with programs and services.
  • As KANSEL quickly grew, it moved from the IAM District 70 basement, into space provided by our friends and supporters from the Electrical Union (IBEW) on south Broadway.
  • more to come…