(English for Speakers of Other Languages)

KANSEL welcomes English language learners to our ESOL classes. You will learn survival English with classes for beginners and advanced students. We teach reading, writing and listening skills. Learn how to use English in your everyday life, secure a job or to pursue higher education. Classes are held in the morning and evening, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Call 316-263-9620 for information!

Steps to Success… Let’s Start

Step 1: Call KANSEL at 316-263-9620 to make an admissions appointment.

Step 2: Complete the admissions paper work, meet with the admissions counselor, schedule an appointment to take the CASAS test to determine class level and pay the annual tuition fee.

Step 3: Attend class in the morning or evening and start learning English!

Click or call to learn more at 316-263-9620.