Dedicated to the economic and academic empowerment for all in our community, Firebirds are a community of volunteers who understand the power and influence action can have in inspiring and creating sustainable positive change in the lives of others.  Providing their talent, time, and resources to the accomplishment of our shared mission  in equal opportunity, personal responsibility, and the endless potential of others.

Why is KANSEL starting the Volunteer Firebirds program?

We cannot do it alone. To have real, sustainable impact in our communities requires a movement of individuals who understand our potential is impossible to achieve without changing our culture, the environment in which we live and acceptance of ‘how things are.’

Make no mistakes, the Firebirds are not just a resume builder, we are community builders. We are a ‘roll-up your sleeves’ movement that not only supports KANSEL initiatives, but the initiatives that improve local literacy, and empower others into academic and economic success and freedom.

A Firebird is more than a volunteer, but also an ambassador and catalyst for positive change for those most at risk in our communities and neighborhoods.

A KANSEL Firebird volunteer represents:

  • Duty and accountability; to self and those in your stead.
  • Compassion; for all individuals and families in our communities.
  • Trust; in the ability and willingness of others to contribute.
  • Commitment; to try and do things right.

Join us! – Become a volunteer Firebird!

Those who become KANSEL Firebirds embody the energy and strength of a community who believe in second chances, the equality of opportunity and that the best things happen when everyone finds their place in the movement to uplift others.

Adult volunteers (18 and older)

  • Attend or watch a KANSEL Firebird Introductory meeting with the Executive Director.
  • Volunteer for KANSEL events, activities, or programs (at least 1 time per year).
  • Support the financial stability of KANSEL (Give, ask and/or attend events).
  • Share KANSEL programs, mission, and vision with others in your own social network.

Youth Volunteers (Ages 0 to 17):

  • Volunteer for age-appropriate tasks and activities 2 times a year.
  • Maintains a positive attitude while serving.

Meet our Firebirds!

Why are we called Firebirds?

The Phoenix, or Firebird, is a mythical creature recognized in nearly every ancient culture.  In ancient Egypt, Greece, Japan and China, the Phoenix was powerful, and not only represented second chances, the energy of the sun, and rising from the ashes, but also the values of virtue, duty, compassion, and trust. There is no better image to represent the students, staff, and volunteers of KANSEL.