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RIOT Wichita is much more than a performance and visual arts group, it is a place for youth (and adults on occasion) of all socioeconomic and learning levels to get together and display their love of performing, creating and learning!
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Proven to improve literacy and academic scores, the arts may play a crucial role in lowering drop out rates and improving literacy skills for thousands of local families.
SUMMER 2022 Show: A Modern Shakespearean Night’s Dream
Saturday, June 25th at 6 pm and Sunday, June 26th at 5pm.


Admission: $3 per person

Join our RIOT youth and supporting cast of adult volunteers on this new twist!

Experience Shakespeare’s finest…exactly as he never imagined it in this modern English, audience-friendly adaptation.

Staying true to the ancient Greek setting and the plot (with just a few anachronisms to keep it more fun!), the forest is full of characters, including fairies, mere mortals, and actors.

When King Oberon takes pity on poor Helena and commissions Puck to help play matchmaker, Puck mucks up the plan, and Helena gets more than she bargained for as both Demetrius and Lysander fall in love with her, leaving pretty and popular Hermia as the poor unloved sap.  Meanwhile, the acting troupe, rehearsing nearby for their upcoming performance at the wedding of Hippolyta and Theseus, gets caught up in the hilarity when star thespian, Bottom, unwittingly winds up a victim of Puck’s prank.

The entertaining comedy of errors is easy to follow and will have the audience laughing, even as Shakespeare himself rolls in his grave!

Admission is $3 per person.