Rolling up our sleeves!


We are dedicated to the fearless pursuit of the academic and economic empowerment of our students and our community. By recognizing individual needs and creating flexible educational opportunities for every person who walks through our doors or enrolls online.

We fight for the dads and moms working hard to provide for their family and to free themselves of the weights and obstacles that are thrown in their path. For the child that desperately needs to realize their worth. For the teen that needs an opportunity to learn in a safe environment, a second chance, that is judgment-free.

We fight for the equal opportunity of all of neighbors, and to do better by the people we serve and in our community. Our fight is fearless and focused on education and literacy at the core.


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Adult Programs

The diversity of needs and backgrounds in our adult programs are vast. Students typically possess low levels of literacy and are labeled “High Risk” for substance abuse, homelessness, human trafficking or long term poverty. For many of our students, KANSEL is their only or last option to graduate with their High School Diploma.

  • 97% live in poverty.
  • 34% are paid for by a partner or social service agency.
  • 26% come to KANSEL through the legal system

Family Programs

In 2017 KANSEL expanded the mission to include people of all ages providing the opportunities to become more proactive in preventing middle and high school drop outs and increasing literacy skills at multiple levels.

New youth programs include:

The Growing Crisis (Our ‘Why’)

Literacy is a fundamental step toward ‘freedom through education.’ Literacy is tied to the health and well-being of the whole person, their family, and our community.

Individuals with low literacy levels are likely to be excluded from all but minimum wage work. This often creates gaps between earned wages and the costs of daily living. As technology has become more important in our lives from managing our personal health information to learning a new process, or solving a new problem at work, the gap for individuals challenged with literacy issues has widened.

Did you know that in our communities, in Sedgwick County…?

  • 1 in 5 adults are considered functionally illiterate; more than 72,000 adults (2019).
  • 45,000 adults have not earned a GED or High School Diploma (2019).
  • 1,000 middle school and high school students drop out each year (2017-2019).
  • 7 out of 10 students in grades 3 to 12, tested below grade level in Math and orEnglish Language Arts, or more than 47,093. (2018).

In 2020 the struggle to learn persists and continues to grow – in our community. We can do better for all students, parents and teachers. Our fight to end chronic poverty through literacy improvement and education attainment involves each and everyone of us.

Our campaign to bring awareness and take action to the growing needs of literacy for all members of the family is Wichita Literacy!

A vision to transform our community into ‘the Literacy Capital of the World!’

A Growing Literacy Movement!

Sustainable, impactful and cultural change that provides academic and economic opportunity is only possible through the generous giving of time and resources to programs and initiatives that challenge the status quo and reach into our most vulnerable and at-risk communities.

In 2021, KANSEL will work with new and existing partners throughout the community to build momentum, provide awareness of needs, and take actions to uplift entire-communities.

Coming in 2021

  • KANSEL en Español –
  • KANSEL Online – Coming Soon!
  • Diploma Drive – Coming Soon!
  • KANSEL Firebirds – a new volunteer experience!


To tackle what needs to be done today, tomorrow, and in the future, KANSEL relies on the support of volunteers. KANSEL is an inspired movement of human generosity, compassion and love in the fight to bring academic and economic empowerment to every household.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of members operating 6 individual committees in partnership with KANSEL staff. Each committee helps to provide resources, guidance and oversight to individual functions of the organization.

  • Administration: Records, operating procedures and legal guidance.
  • Advancement: Marketing, special events and fund development
  • Board Development: Annual nominating and member on-boarding.
  • Facilities: Secures resources and work days to maintain the campus.
  • Finance: Provides oversite on budget, financials and audit.
  • Program: Reviews outcomes and provides valuable insight.

Volunteers for KANSEL

Our work and impact would not be nearly as impactful in the community without the support and contributions of others, both and time and in resources.

Those who volunteer fall into two categories, single or as needed volunteers and Firebirds, a committed group of KANSEL supporters anyone can join.

If you are looking for ways you can support KANSEL for a single event, or around campus, we are always improving and expanding services, and would love to hear from you. Activities could include:

  • Garden: Planting, building boxes or weeding.
  • Painting: Updating classrooms and education spaces.
  • Cleaning: Keeping spaces healthy and safe.
  • RIOT: Supporting youth in performance arts.
    And more…

KANSEL Firebirds

Dedicated to the economic and academic empowerment for all in our community, Firebirds are a community of volunteers who understand the power and influence action can have in inspiring and creating sustainable positive change in the lives of others.  Providing their talent, time, and resources to the accomplishment of our shared mission  in equal opportunity, personal responsibility, and the endless potential of others.



Financial support is the fuel to advance our cause. When your gift allows us to help another student, it creates a wave—a ripple effect that reaches far and wide, positively impacting many others. A true multiplier!

Since our humble start in 1989 serving 6 students, KANSEL has grown to consistently reach more than 1,000 students and families every year. Every gift received helps to create a world where freedom can be achieved through education.

Ways to Give
As an individual or a business, there are several opportunities to support our students. However you choose to give, know that your dollars count!

KANSEL spends less than $750 per student per year, with $0.92 cents of every dollar given going to programs making KANSEL one of the most cost- efficient and effective non-profits and or education programs in the country. Every penny you provide truly goes toward changing lives!

Individual and Family Giving

Business and Partnership Opportunities (Contact:

  • Grants and Foundations: We can invest in our shared future.
  • Event Sponsorship: Let’s work together and have some fun.
  • Gift-In-Kind: Items donated of value budgeted for operations.
  • Capital Gifts: Let’s create an incredible place for our community.

Creating a future of prosperity for all means working together, building new partnerships and contributing the time, resources and capital to provide the opportunities and programs desperately needed and required for change.

Let’s be fearless in our fight for the academic and economic empowerment of all in our community!